How Do You Deal with Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Suppose you, or a loved one, has suffered a car accident, and is suffering painful, sleepless nights, and medications are not getting you the quality of life you desire. And, in fact, those medications might be creating other health problems. You’ll want to hear what Dr. Robert Lupo has to tell you about ways you can deal with back pain after a car accident, if you find yourself in this situation.

Dr. Robert Lupo: “The injuries can involve neck, back, the lower back, sometimes the shoulders; the legs, the arms, all kinds of areas can be damaged in an accident, which happens just in seconds when that hit occurs, so much can happen to the victims. We find out when the disk injuries, ligament, and muscle injuries, all kinds of things that can be life-long problems.

We’re able to help our patients with a variety of treatments. And our number one treatment is gonna be chiropractic care. We can actually help them with the spinal correction, and the muscular imbalances that occur in these types of injuries and accidents. Some of the other things that we offer and do for this, are unique to Tampa Bay.

One of them is disk-decompression, which we use the Axiom 9000, extremely effective for bulging disks, or herniated disks. You know, folks who have been in a car accident often suffer from these types of injuries in accidents. And I have a team of physicians here, which is also unique. We have medical physicians on our staff, I have neurologists on our staff, and lots of good support people, nurses and that type of thing, who will help our patients, really, with every single step of the way.

Sometimes, medication is needed, and we are able to provide that. And other times, we’d want to use it very judiciously, very carefully. So we don’t have anybody going down the wrong path, and getting themselves in trouble. I’m sure that is a problem, and I did see here, you’re able to help people that have been treated with medication, and of course, they can run into addictive problems and et cetera. And you said you had a group of practitioners who are there to help on many fronts, whether it just be the bones, or a little more broad, as far as their overall health care.”

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Original Content Credit: Chiropractor Tampa, As found on Youtube

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