Relief For Back Pain After a Car Accident

back pain after a car accident

Treating Back Pain after a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a fatal motor vehicle crash, it’s wise to seek medical attention immediately to treat the back pain after the car accident, even if you don’t experience immediate pain.

Fatal motor vehicle crashes are horrific. In 2016, there were 34,439 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the US. Annually, over 37,000 people die in road accidents. That is not all. Over 2.35 million people are injured or disabled after a fatal motor vehicle crash. This costs the US over $230.6 billion annually or $820 on average per person.

Main causes of lower back pain after a car accident

Fatal motor vehicle crashes can result in serious damage to both the neck and back area. The body areas above are vital to the overall function of the human body. When a car slams into a stationary object or another vehicle moving in the opposite direction, the human body (driver and passengers) is jerked forward by momentum. The car does not have much room so the body is slammed either on the dashboard, steering wheel air bag, the driver seat, front passenger seat or the side of the car. The sudden forward momentum results in a lot of pressure causing different injuries to the neck and the back. This motion is called whiplash.

The main causes of back pain after car accident include:

1. Facet joints

Although facet joints are a lesser known part of the spine, they are surrounded by a thick flexible membrane secreting a viscous liquid. The viscous liquid is used by the body to lubricate the joints allowing spinal movement. They support one’s weight and allow movement between the vertebrae. They work together with the spinal discs thus allowing controlled movement throughout the body and the spine.

As said earlier, the facet joints are made up of synovial lining. This can produce inflammation also called synovitis. When pressure is applied to the joints, the back’s extension applies more pressure resulting in pain.

2. Bulging discs and disc herniation

The spine has 23 discs positioned between one of the 24 vertebrae. In case of an accident (motor vehicle accident), the discs will break apart resulting in the leakage of cartilage required to operate efficiently. The bulging discs occur when a disc is driven out of position after a fatal vehicular impact. This results in intense pain and limited movement.

Here are the differences between disc and facet joint injuries.

3. Soft tissue bruising

It is important to understand that fatal motor vehicle accidents do leave unseen damage which results in pain creeping in after a few days, weeks or months. Common body areas that affect your movement later on include ligaments, tendon and nerves. Soft tissue bruising includes whiplash injuries around the neck which occurs when the muscles are stretched as a result of vehicular impact. This results in neck pain. Back problems and pain can also develop too.

4. Mid and low back muscle strain

Apart from neck strain, motor accident victims do suffer from back strain especially around the mid and low back muscles. Here are the symptoms of back strain. If you experience pain around your mid and lower back region more than a week after a motor accident, seek medical attention immediately.

5. Muscle spasms

Pain around the neck or lower back area maybe caused by muscle spasms. This happens when the muscles have been stretched by sudden movement which is common with vehicular impact. In this case, the muscles tighten with the goal of protecting your body from engaging in further movement. Note: additional damage can occur if the situation is left untreated.

Different ways motor accident victims can receive relief

Physical Therapy

The spine is very fragile and vulnerable to sudden movements common during motor vehicle accidents. In case of vehicular impact, the victim will experience long term strain to the neck and back. Apart from that, the victim will be stressed too. Seeking medical care after an auto accident is highly recommended. At the hospital, the patient will undergo physical therapy which helps to target troubled areas and release pressure along the spine. Some of the methods used by chiropractors include non-invasive massage techniques.

Non surgical therapy

Cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy is a technique that interrupts problematic nerves from sending any pain signals to the brain. As an outpatient procedure, it involves the use of heat which damages the problematic nerve(s). This procedure lasts for an hour.

Nutritional changes

Skilled and experienced chiropractors with proven track records can make dietary changes thus helping a motor accident victim to speed up their recovery. By making nutritional changes, the body will gain vital nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals among others.

Exercise programs

Back injury can cause a motor accident victim to be less mobile. If any wrong move is made, the injury will be worse. Seeking the help of a skilled and licensed chiropractor will result in the provision of an exercise program that includes stretches and other techniques. This will help the accident victim to regain mobility and heal the injuries.

Chiropractic care

Skilled and experienced chiropractic care can help the patient regain optimal spinal alignment. One of the most common methods used by chiropractors is spinal manipulation. The method allows the application of controlled force to re-align the vertebrae. This helps to prevent them from placing painful pressure on spinal nerves. As a result, the patient will feel better after one treatment even though others will require multiple treatments.

Steps To Take After A Motor Accident – Sound advice from a skilled and licensed chiropractor

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first step you should take is to contact the police. And maybe you should consider getting help from a car accident lawyer as well. Check this article with more information how a car accident lawyer can help you.

Afterwards, seek medical attention at the nearest hospital. If you experience back and neck pain after car accident, seek the help of a skilled and licensed chiropractor but if you were unable to see the chiropractor, apply an ice pack on the injured area for half an hour, three or four times a day.

Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in order to start the treatment and healing process. Listen to your chiropractor and make sure you follow the provided instructions.

One more thing – keep yourself hydrated and get plenty of rest.

We have included a video about a getting medical help in the Nevada after a car accident, we will include more articles and videos soon. Video about getting relief for back pain after car accident

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